Here we are once again

So I go through phases when I’m super motivated and I have all these ideas flowing through my brain and I just can’t wait to see everything take shape. But then there are times when all I want to do is sleep and marathon through all seasons of Friends or 还珠格格 (Princess Returning Pearl). Note: I do NOT recommend watching any season of PRP after the second, all the important (read, likable) are switched out and there virtually is no plot.

So the past week has been one for the super keen & eager version of C’erine. I have hit up Ikea multiple times to look for wall decor so I can finally change my dull backdrop for when I film videos and more importantly, I have started this blog. I had one before and if you followed me then, you know this probably won’t be something I’ll do every day but I’d really like to keep a log of all the things I’m up to especially as I’m planning a big trip in a month or two so that should be exciting.
More about that later. But yes, this will mostly be a life blog? Can I call it that if I don’t have much of a life? Lots of shopping, outfit, beauty, hair style and fan girl posts so if you’re into that by all means sign yourself up. If not, that’s cool. I understand. We can still be internet friends. I suppose. I probably will hold it against you for the next two lifetimes though. Just saying.


Toodleloo *queen’s wave*

❤ ❤ ❤