April Favourites

So here is my April favourites video. It’s my very first favourites video ever ever 😀 and I’m quite excited to be expanding my video coverage. I will still be filming hair tutorials and that is still my main focus but I’m equally as obsessed with so many other areas I thought it would be a shame not to talk about all of it with you guys. I’m just getting into the habit of taking photos to compliment my video material so please be patient with me during this initial startup process. I realize I could do a much better job with the timing of my blogposts but I will figure this out, I swear.


Dove pure care dry oil shampoo & conditioner – As some of you probably know, I am currently working on a campaign with Unilever covering their various hair product ranges. I’ve tested many different products and this line I’ve found to be so perfect for my hair needs. I have bleached hair and over the past however many years, I’ve dyed it, permed it, heat tool-ed it so any and every bit of moisture and nourishment I will take. I was initially a bit worried this line would make my hair oily or greasy so I tried a few times (as gross as it sounds) to go as long as I could without shampooing just to see if this product would affect my regular shampoo schedule. Surprisingly, I actually got away with shampooing every 3-4 days.

La roche-posay lightweight lotion – 60 SPF is pretty low on the range especially considering what is available nowadays but apparently you get to a certain spectrum coverage and anything above that is excessive. And of course being a person who’s easily swayed by other people’s advice, I tend to not bother with super high SPF. This sunscreen is one that I use mostly on my upper body and off the face. I have weird wrinkly neck skin so sunscreen and other lotions applied makes me really uncomfortable there. This is light on scent but still has a slight icky sunscreen smell but I love the product so I put up with it.

Kiehl’s super fluid sunscreen – Is it just me or is “Kiehl’s” impossible to spell correctly without referring to a product label or searching it up in Google? Cannot rave enough about this product. I don’t tend to wear face makeup but this works amazing under foundation and BB cream if you do. Very light scent, dries relatively matte, no complaints.

Tite grip – Bought this from dirdybirdy (YouTube pole dancer) and available online. Smells like crap, but works (I don’t have ridiculously sweaty palms but I have heard good reviews from people who do).


MAC face and body foundation – Enough reviews of this online so I won’t ramble but it’s very good for someone who doesn’t want too much coverage, likes dewiness and doesn’t want to spend too much time perfecting the application.

L’oreal gentle makeup remover – I used the Clinique & Lancome makeup removers religiously and when I have an entire face of makeup on, I still reach for the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. But I discovered this product once in a moment of desperation and I haven’t really gone back. I do find that I go through this product faster than the Clinique or Lancome counterpart but considering this is less than one fifth the retail price of the other two, that’s something I can totally live with. This is one of those oily, two-layered removers and I think until something else innovative and groundbreaking is invented, I won’t even bother with anything else.

Murad essential-c toner – Not life changing or anything but I do like the scent of it. I will probably not run out and buy another one once this finishes but I will enjoy it until then. I don’t think I’ll ever go without a toner but considering the price and effectiveness, I probably would rather just get the Thayer’s witch hazel.

Fresh seaberry moisturizing face oil – I think there are lots of products like this in the market right now. Boscia has a tsubaki beauty oil that serves the same purpose and has prettier packaging which I almost bought in place of this one but the Sephora SA I spoke to was very adamant that I go for the Fresh one. And now… I have 3. I think I will have one of these oils around every winter along with the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. If you do have dry skin or suffer with flakiness, I highly recommend you try this out. I just put 2-3 drops in my nighttime moisturizer and apply all over my face but you could use it wherever necessary.


Nars amour powder blush – Favourite blush as of 2 months ago. If you’re skin tone is similar to mine then try it, buy it, never ever live without it.

Nars Luxembourg satin lip pencil – My favourite version of the chubby lip pencil. This is a very pretty, deep, watermelon pink that applies shiny and stays that way for hours. If I’m going out and I want a bold pinky-red lip colour, I will reach for this one. It lasts forever even if I’m drinking and it fades beautifully with or without a separate lip pencil. I will definitely be looking to try more colours in this range, maybe something a little corally for spring and summer.

Nars manhunt lipstick – Not too much to say about this product. It’s a beautiful, toned down red lipstick that isn’t too overwhelming especially if you’re just starting out with bold lip colours. It’s shiny and quite moisturizing so it’ll be a perfect colour for the warmer season. MAC creme cup lipstick – Everyone and their mothers have this. It’s perfect for every occasion, is nude enough for a dark smokey eye, but is natural enough for everyday. I seem to always have it on me lately and it’s pretty much the lip colour I go to when I can’t be bothered to a) put any thought into my look or b) check up on my lips every 8 minutes.

Anastasia brow wiz – Easiest and fastest way to get a perfect brow. I’m serious about my brow game and one thing I can’t imagine leaving my house without is properly defined brows. This just makes it so easy to fill your brows in, exaggerate the shape and then brush everything out so it actually looks natural.

Make Up Forever aqua brow corrector – I use this when I have a bit more time to spend painting my face. It’s great for a very defined look and allows you to really work with and alter the shape of your brows. This product has a steeper learning curve and I’ve found a stiff, synthetic eyeliner brush works best. You will have to spend some time just to play with it, but once you figure it out, you won’t be without it.


Acid wash denim shorts – This pair was from Forever21. Similar ones here: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=bottom_shorts-denim&ProductID=2000124943&VariantID=

Distressed boyfriend jeans – I’ve been looking for a pair like this for the past few months and everything was either too grungy or not grungy enough. I saw a few pairs I liked online, but I have a weird butt to waist ratio and I can’t deal with the added hassle of a belt, so I never buy jeans without trying them on. This pair I saw one day on the Zara website so literally the next day, I ran over and bought them. Available onilne here: http://www.zara.com/ca/en/woman/jeans/ripped-boyfriend-jeans-c361514p1865506.html


See’s Candies gourmet lollypops – The boyfriend just came back from the Berkshire Hathaway general meeting and See’s Candies is apparently one of their brands. I love candy and the boyfriend is a little Warren Buffet fanboy, so he brought me some back. Since filming of this favourites video, my lollipop population has dwindled down to 4. I even ate a chocolate one last night so I could save the caffe latte ones for as long as possible. I didn’t mention these peanut brittles in the video but I should have. They’re so creamy and delicious and I don’t even tend to like this kind of stuff.

I also mentioned two necklaces and one hair halo in the video but of course I forgot about then when I took these photos. The necklaces were both from ASOS and the hair halo was from Zara 😀

Whhheeewwwww that took forever to type up. Hope you guys enjoy the video and my random rambling. Let me know if you’d like more videos and posts like this and I will talk to you in my next one! If you have tried or discovered any amazing products recently please leave them down below. I am looking for new lipsticks and more dainty necklaces for layering purposes so if you have any recs, leave those down below s’il vous plait. Practicing my French and we’re not even going to France…

❤ ❤ ❤