Life Update #1

So I saw that Laura from buynowbloglater started blogging posts like this and I thought it was a great idea for when I’ve fallen behind on my blogging and I want to take the really fast and slightly cheat way of catching up. Here is my life in the past few weeks of course with lots of yapping below explaining the story behind each and every photo (top to bottom, left to right).


Avicii concert – If you had asked me 2 years ago what raving was I would’ve told you it’s a bunch of rural kids partying and popping in the bushes (I lived a few years in Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay and that’s how cool older kids partied). But over the past 2 years I’ve gotten really into EDM music. Truth be told, I only really like the catchy beats with the vocal tracks and the hardcore bass drops give me headaches. I’m still lame, yes.

Home cooked meals – I have become a part time house wife. The boyfriend is always super busy with work and not eating properly so when I am around, I will try to cook a healthy meal. This was my roast beef with arugula salad and butternut squash soup. Put too much cream cheese in the soup, but it was still super deliciousness if I do say so myself.

Clubbing w/ the besties – Love these girls 2/3 of the girls I lived with in my last year of university. One I met in open house before first year, we messaged each other on Facebook, requested to be roommates  and have been inseparable since. The other I met in passing in first year, thought she was super Asian, turned out she’s very “hood” and we have since become workout buddies.

Fishing – I think Daddy Chen wanted a son, but instead he got me. And with the one child policy in China, he had to make do and I have to say he very successfully raised me as a son. BF and I drove up to Lake Scugog and just tried our hand at it randomly on one side near the highway and I got this baby. In hindsight, I probably should’ve downplayed how comfortable I was at handling the bait (ie. not grab worms by the handful & snap their bodies in half with my bare fingers while the BF used scissors).

Studio opening – I was invited to attend Blue Ant Media’s studio opening along with a few beauties I’ve met before (Rachel, Sylvia and Eva) and two that I have only seen through social media & online (Camille and Amanda). It was a super fun event, we played with slow-mo cameras, glitter, dressed up in hilarious costumes and each left with bags and bags of candy.

Sheepies! (I am aware they are in fact goats) – I am from the mountains of China and apparently when I was three or four years old, we went back to visit and I fell in love with a few goats a random kid was herding. So while other little girls were asking for ponies, I just wanted a goat. We saw these at Hyde Park on a trip to see cherry blossoms because the BF was 100% sure they last 2+ weeks. They don’t. So we went and wandered through the zoo and went on a mini hike.

Studio – Same picture minus Eva, plus Kait, plus costumes and my TIARA!

My new end slate – I spent a good hour on this thing. So hard to figure out fonts and placements. It also doesn’t help that I’m very obsessive about centering everything.

Oh, just that time I met Gigi – I was invited to attend a Google style brand event and Gigi was one of the guest speakers. I was like starstruck completely! I have followed her (that sounds creepy) for years now and I actually stopped by one of her meet ups in Toronto only to find it was overcrowded and had been moved. Boo. So needless to say, happiest day of my month!

What have you guys been up to lately? Anything exciting? Let me know if you’d like to see more summary update posts like this!