Travel Diaries – London, England (part I)

As a lot of you already know, I recently came back from an amazing trip with Mr. Cerinebabyy. We went to London, Budapest, Vienna and Venice and although we’ve been back for a few weeks now, it’s actually taken me this long to catch up on everything I’ve missed and to actually to sort through all of our photos.




I lived in England when I was younger so as excited as I was to be back, I was not up for spending days wandering through the same buildings and museums that bored me as a child. We agreed on just allocating two days to London and to take it easy. Since we had a lot to see and a lot to eat, we took a majority of the photos from outside popular attractions.


Westminster Abbey was actually an attraction we actually wanted to go into but we wandered over from Southbank on an empty stomach and then found ourselves stuck between eating coffee shop crap or very overpriced tourist trap crap. We opted for neither and walked up towards Oxford street.


These two photos were taken hurriedly on our hunt to find “authentic British pub food”. You can see in the above photo (towards the right that there’s a house of some sorts. I did not expect it to look nearly as nice as it did (below).


I’m assuming the park keeper lives there, or a very very lucky hobbit. So this was when Mr. Cerinebabyy started getting fed up with me and demanded we stop for nothing until we are both fed. The park had a vendor selling hot dogs and pretzels but apparently starvation was not enough to make him eat street food. Da Shao Ye I bow down to you…


Obviously, I stopped 98173892 times and took 32487927498273 just to spite him. Here’s a Mommy swan and a few baby swans that I absolutely HAD to capture on film immediately. HA.


So for some reason, we were both convinced that this was Trafalgar Square which we were looking for (more about that in part II of my London blog post) mostly because it had a fountain, but this was actually Picadilly Circus. It’s essentially London’s version of Times Square – with much less traffic and much better shopping.

London was very poorly planned, yes. I was responsible for it and being a major procrastinator, I figured I could wing it. Big mistake. The boy totally showed me up with his 45+ pages printed double sided for all the cities he was responsible for and I was guilted into planning for Salzburg (which I pulled off with flying colours, if I do say so myself).




Please excuse my face in that photo. One of the only places that I was super keen to hit up on this trip was Kings Cross Station and of course platform nine and three quarters. If you don’t know that this is from, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. I actually learned English from Harry Potter books. When I first moved to England and I had progressed past the kindergarten picture book phase, these books started getting really popular. They actually have two staff members actually working the pushcart area – one to toss your scarf and another to take your photo with scarf midair.


This is the ceiling in Kings Cross Station. This is how I always imagined the insides of Beijing 2008 Olympics bird nest stadium to look.


I am just realizing as I type this blog post how productive of a day we had. After dinner, we took the “Tube” over to the Tower of London and London Bridge. I thought I did a walkthrough tour when I was younger but seeing this building again, I’m 95% sure I had just walked around the outsides. Apparently it is still haunted by ghosts of the numerous tortured souls that lived and died within its walls. We initially discussed going on a ghost tour, but then decided it wasn’t worth it considering both of us are whimps.


London Bridge. Please excuse the weird billboards behind me. I thought for the longest time that the one on the right read “office space toilet”. I’m a bit relieved to hear that British people aren’t actually doing their business in 5,530 to 135,890 square feet toilets.


Yes, I know my bra is see-thru. I quite like this photo although I have to say the one I took of the BF was way better. Every shot I took of him in a touristy spot magically included a red double decker somewhere in the background. And I of course get stuck with rapist vans and taxis.


I really have no idea what this statue was for. I hope it was nothing serious… Maybe the Tour de France coming through? Is that even going through London?


We then walked along the river Thames to get back home and saw a Korean couple with this cellphone selfie stick. I snapped a picture of them taking a picture because as much as I love selfies, I have never taken it to this level. To be fair, if they were selling it for a decent price, I probably would’ve snapped one right up.


That’s it for the first day in London. My legs have become so buff in the past few months. I’ve always had chunkier than normal thighs and calves from my dance/ballet/gymnastic/cheer days but I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone point out how muscular they were… Oh well, that’s life I guess.

More of my trip to come! Although considering how long it took for me to sort through these pictures alone, I probably wouldn’t expect more than one or two posts per week.