Travel Diaries – London, England (part II)

Here is the second part of our London trip. We were so incredibly blessed to have sunny – and more importantly – rainless weather for the duration of our stay in England. We had agreed upon dividing up the planning of the travel itinerary but since I’m a huge procrastinator, most of the work fell on the BF and I promised to plan London. I assumed since I had spent much of my childhood in this city and it’s surroundings that I would be very familiar with the attractions and the transit, but boy was I mistaken.




The London Eye – glorified ferris wheel we took these pictures from – had not even been built during my last visit to the city so we made sure to check it out. It is what it is. You get unobstructed views of everything surrounding it, but the glare on the windows make it hard to take any pictures and there’s not much more to see that you can’t already from the south bank.    




We walked over to Buckingham Palace and of course we had already missed the changing of the guards. As risk of sounding like a spoiled child, they really need to consider having more rounds of that all throughout the day. Travelling is tiring, and considering the number of tourists coming in from all sorts of time zones, it really is difficult to wake up in time. Confession #1: it’s not until 11am. Confession #2: we were just too comfortable in bed and pressed a few too many snooze buttons.




All very iconic sights for London. Although if I remember correctly, there used to be a place where you could stand next to and pose with the Queen’s Guards. I even remember my shameless attempts to make them move or laugh. Although it is possible that we were not in the right area, my gut feeling is that they have for some reason decided the change that policy. I can’t help but think it’s because of the Reddit No Sleep winner of 2012 story (recommend if you’re into creepy stories of that nature).


“Any guy you tell will be so impressed you watched Gumball 3000” – Lie #1 from the Boyfriend. “You can go shopping anytime, we’ll be shopping so much on this trip, Gumball 3000 only happens like once every 10 years” – Lie #2 from the Boyfriend. Sense the resentment yet?





Saw so many Ferraris and Lamborghinis it was actually mind blowing. That is, if you have any interest in fancy cars. I unfortunately did not and started whining at the one hour mark about how all my stores were going to close and then we wouldn’t be able to bike through Hyde Park and also make our dinner reservation.


Thought this was pretty cool. A horsie made up of Hermes scarves!





We were impressed with the large variety of beautiful flowers but a little disappointed at how the park was kept especially as it’s so highly raved about. I remember it being much larger and that probably set the BF’s expectations a tad bit high but overall worth a visit if you want to take an hour or two to relax.




We passed by a Sherlock Holmes pub but I’m inclined to say it has little to no relation to the books, TV series or Benedict Cumberbatch. And on our walk home the south bank along the River Thames provided such a haunting and picturesque view and really does set the mood for a British style mystery. Perfect way to end our last night in London.

Budapest next!