Crochet Cross Stitch Braid

Super delayed, but here is my original crochet cross stitch braid. I’m catching up slowly on my blog posts I swear! I still have a whole bunch of Europe posts planned but life has really taken over and it’s gotten so hard to keep all my social media accounts active when there’s so much else going on. I know some beauty bloggers get a lot of heck for “not having a real job”, but I swear it really is super demanding.


This is one of those looks I came up with out of sheer boredom. I have this habit of playing with my hair when I’m bored – I suspect it may be a form of self treatment for my OCD tendencies – but sometimes it’s rewarding I suppose.

You will need at least shoulder length hair for this look, but you can always use lots of bobby pins to secure the braid as you go along if you want a little added security. And if you do have a lot of short layers make sure you run some pomade or wax through your hair before you start forming the braid.

Grab a small 1-inch section of hair above your right ear 
Twist this to create a loop and pull the tail through to create a second loop
3. Secure this in place with a small bobby pin
4. Stick your fingers through the second loop we created and grab another section of hair
5. Pull this new section through the loop and flatten this new loop down in place
6. Repeat this cross stitching process across the back of your head until you reach your left ear
7. With the very last section pull the hair completely through
8. Secure the entire look in place using a few bobby pins wherever necessary
9. I repeated this one more time to create a second braid right below the first
10. Loosen up the braids slightly to help them better blend into one another and to minimize that awkward gap between the two
11. Set this look in place using your hairspray of choice 🙂

And, the ugly/stange/weird screencap of this video is…
[caption: if you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it]


❤ ❤ ❤