Travel Diaries – Budapest, Hungary (part I)

I really took my sweet ass time with this post… No excuses here. But, in my defense, I would just like to point out how awesome pants my blog looks atm. I haven’t been this happy with my blog layout and setup in the longest time, and I remain falsely hopeful that this will be the catalyst to make me the most regular blogger in the history of the universe. Anywhoo, Europe trip posts continue…


On the first day in Budapest, we were overly optimistic about our athletic abilities and signed ourselves up for a free walking tour. You meet up with your guide and they lead you around various tourist attractions and recount a brief history of the region. It’s pretty interesting and usually would’ve been a worthy activity to uptake especially because you know, nothing is better than free, but DAMN Budapest was hot. Like smoking hot. Like please let me live and die in their bath houses because otherwise I’m miserable and moody kinda hot.


The little princess statue was the starting point and it’s supposed to be good luck to rub her knees. I always see worn down parts on different statues and I wonder if there’s truly a tradition for each and every statue or if people are just convinced touching little girls knees, bulls balls, etc can really affect your life.






Love locks around a tree, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, walking across chain bridge and the view of the royal palace from on top of Castle Hill. These were some of the main tourist attractions pointed out to us by various sources and surprisingly, they were all within walking distance of each other. Even castle hill is not as overwhelming to climb as you would imagine looking at it from afar. The palace was never inhabited by the royals and has since become a little “mish mashed” due to damages inflicted by wars and also from natural wear and tear.


Taken from an opening on the side of Fisherman’s Bastion. I wish I had a clearer picture of this structure. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the views from the top are amazing.



That is all. Three more parts of Budapest to come. And I’m also working on a few YouTube tutorials so that’s exciting! I’m actually working on this so regularly. So unlike myself hehe

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