Fangirl Fridays #1

It has recently come to my attention that all of my Google+ comments and likes are public on my profile. Apparently my crazy fangirling moments have become top comments on DBSK and Benedict Cumberbatch videos and I don’t even feel embarrassed. Not even a little. I have never tried to hide the fact that I am the biggest fangirl in the world – and this covers everything from Hollywood to kpop – so I may as well share some of my weekly addictions and obsessions with you guys. 

First off, as you can probably tell already, is A Pink. They recently came back with their fifth mini album and LUV – yes, purposely spelt wrong because obviously we’re stuck in 2004 – is pretty much the most addicting song I’ve heard all month. The boyfriend has already gotten the “L-O-V-E love” part down although he still cannot tell Namjung, Hayoung and Eunji apart.

Second kpop video of this post is EXID. I’ve loved their music since Who’s That Girl and I literally cannot for the life of me figure out why they’re not more popular. This song, appropriately named Up & Down, has gone viral. Well, more accurately, their guerilla public performance videos have. It’s a really catchy song and if you watch the video, you can probably tell why the Korean boys have gone batshit over their choreography.

And just to prove I listen to non-bubblegum-pop music I thought I would throw this one in. I’ve had this tossing around in my iTunes for a few months now but it must have gotten swallowed up by the massive pit of organized awesomeness that is my music library. It randomly popped up in a jogging shuffle playlist the other day and I cannot get over how magical Alina Baraz’s voice is. It’s like a bunch of heavenly angels stole Ariel’s voice from Ursula and are just riding Unicorns and singing along to this track.

And that is all

❤ ❤ ❤