Bleaching My Stubborn Asian Hair (DIY)


So it’s summer time and every year I fight the urge to chop all of my hair off and to go blonde. Except this year, I lost. IDK if it was the videos I watched featuring Chrissy Teigen (ummm summer hair goals!) or if Guy Tang’s talent made me a little too overconfident, but I suddenly wanted to bleach my hair myself.


 Ion Color Brilliance conditioning powder
2. Ion Sensitive Scalp 12% (40 volume) developer
3. Ion Color Brilliance absolute perfection booster step 1
4. Colortrak Vivid highlighting foils
5. Hair dyeing brush (I also used a paint brush)
6. Goody rattail comb
7. Ion Sensitive Scalp 3% (10 volume) developer
8. Wella Color Charm 5A permanent liquid hair color
9. Joico K-pak reconstruct conditioner
10. Jerome Russell punky colour cream in lagoon blue
11. Lime Crime unicorn hair in bunny

*Disclaimer* Please watch the entire video, do more research (especially to learn more about your own hair texture, condition and strength) before you attempt this. If you’ve never dyed or bleached your hair before, make sure you do a trial run just to get familiar with the process. And if possible, get a friend or family member to help you out with the back side of your head.

If you guys have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me in a comment, hit me up on one of my social media pages, or just old school shoot me an e-mail. 

Babylights: I weaved the tail end of my rattail comb to section out highlight sized pieces. I placed hair highlighting foil underneath and painted the entire section almost up to the roots. I closed off the foil to finish.

2.png Results (1/2): This is what my hair looked like after the first bleach session. It was SUPER brassy and not at all what I was looking for so I decided to let it rest for a few days and then go back in for another round. I also realized I took the bleach too high up, meaning it looked more like an all over colour instead of a faded balayage effect so I’m going to continue by doing a root smudge.

3.pngRoot smudge, lowlights: I mixed the Wella 5A ash brown colour with my volume 10 developer and applied that into my hair starting at my roots and lightly blending it down 2″ or so. Think of this as a reverse balayage. And I also put in lowlights with the exact same technique as the babylights but bringing it up all the way to my roots.

I also folded the foils differently this time, first in half upwards and then the outer edges in. This is important for the next balayage step.

4.pngFreehand balayage: So with our lowlight foils up, we have easy access to the rest of my hair. I’m going to start around my face and pick out 1/3 to 1″ sections of hair and free paint the 40 volume bleach mixture onto it. I’m starting below the middle, saturating the ends and then lightly brushing it up making sure it keep it away from the brown dye.

5.pngDIY colour conditioner: I mixed together my favourite hair conditioner with about two teaspoons of pink temporary hair dye and a tablespoon of blue temporary hair dye and applied that generously to my towel dried hair. I then wrapped my head with 2-3 layers of saran wrap and let it sit for 50 minutes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 4.06.48 PM.png

1.pngFinal product: So this is what my hair looks like after going through all of the steps listed above. The blend at my roots are a lot more natural, the lowlights and the final freehand highlights really bring add new definition to the look and I think it looks amazing styled. I think I might try to go back in and lift some of the highlights a little more but I’m already pretty satisfied with how it all turned out.

To see how I applied these techniques, please watch my YouTube video below:

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