Butterfly Double Bun Tutorial


I posted a photo on Instagram a few months ago with my wearing this hairstyle and I received a ton of really kind comments so I figured I would make a tutorial for it. I actually filmed this a few weeks ago (before the cut and bleach sessions) but I really wanted to share this with you guys so I figured I would upload it anyways 🙂 hope the hair colour changes doesn’t throw you guys off too much. 

1.pngPrep: I like to start with a naturally wavy base, so I prepped my hair by putting it up into a messy bun overnight. I’m just starting by taking my hair down from this and assessing the situation.

Curl: I’m splitting my hair right down the middle and tying both sections up into high pigtails. Then taking a 1″ or 1.5″ curling iron, I’m just roughly curling the ends of my pigtails.


Volume: Taking the hair out of the elastic, I’m going to lightly brush my fingers through it to make sure there aren’t any straight pieces and that there are no weird kinks. I’m then lifting up my hair layer by layer and lightly backcombing the roots for some extra volume.

Pigtail: Flipping my hair right side up again, I’m gently brushing out the top layer to make sure there are no visible knots or tangles. Then I’m going to grab the entire section as if I’m about to tie a high pigtail.

3.pngMessy Bun: With the elastic on my right wrist, I’m pulling the elastic onto my hair and creating a downward facing loop, twisting the elastic once, scooping the rest of my hair up and flipping it upwards to create a second loop. I’m securing this in place with a round or two of my elastic band.

I have a tutorial on this bun if you want a more detailed look at this technique.

Finish: And to finish, I’m just setting in bobby pins wherever necessary and adjusting the look to my liking. I like to set it all in place with a light misting of a strong hold hairspray.

To see how I applied these techniques, please watch my YouTube video below:

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