4 Easy Hairstyles Every Lazy Girl Must Know


I’m honestly always running late. I may show up to everything on time, but that’s only because I have learned to hustle hard in the mornings. I take tremendous pride in my ability to sleep in late and get ready in under 10 minutes, and I thought I would share a few of my tricks with you guys for those of you getting ready to go back to school and those of you who are just lazy. 


Look #1 – Double braid half updo: I’m starting by creating two braids on both sides of my head, making sure to leave a few strands out to frame my face (read: to make my face appear smaller). I’m then lightly backcombing a few layers of the hair in my crown area for more lift and volume. I’m pulling back the braids one pair at a time, I’m pinning them down right below my crown area and then removing the elastic bands from the braids.

And to finish off, I’m gently adjusting the look to my liking and placing my favourite bow right in the middle above my braids to make it look more polished.


Look #2 – Half up messy ribbon bun: I’m pulling the top half of my hair up as if I’m creating a half-up ponytail.With the elastic on my right wrist, I’m pulling the elastic onto my hair and creating a downward facing loop, twisting the elastic once, scooping the rest of my hair up and flipping it upwards to create a second loop. I’m securing this in place with a round or two of my elastic band.

I have a tutorial on this bun if you want a more detailed look at this technique.

If necessary, I will throw in a few bobby pins so the bun sits properly on my head. I like to loosen up the hair around my face because the bigger the hair, the smaller my face :/ but that is totally up to you.


Look #3 – Long illusion half ponytail: I’m lightly backcombing the roots in the section of my hair that I will be pulling to my half ponytail. I’m parting my hair normally above my ear on the left side and on an upward diagonal on the right side (to help conceal the part) and then tying it into a high ponytail.

I took a thin piece of hair and wrapped it around the elastic to cover it up and then securing that with a bobby pin. If I have a few minutes left, I like to go through with a curling wand to touch up some of the curls.


Look #4 – Side accent braid: I created a deep part on the left side of my head. Starting at the part, I formed a French braid down to my ear and then a regular 3-strand braid all the way to the ends. I’m loosening up the braid every few steps so it looks more worn and less perfect.

To see how I applied these techniques, please watch my YouTube video below:

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