I’m C’erine, and you?


I was born in Changsha, China to a scientist father and business owning mother both of whom needed to traveled all over the world for their respective studies and careers and I just tagged along for the journey. At one point in time, I spoke fluent Danish and at another, I spoke English with a super strong Yorkshire accent.

It was an amazing experience living in so many different countries, experiencing new cultures and seeing more of the world, but it eventually became a little too much for an overly self-conscious, slightly chubby ten-year-old.

My parents were more supportive and loving than anyone can hope for, but they were really busy with their own lives. It was around this time that I started playing with my hair. I had really conservative parents so I was never allowed to dye my hair, or use heated styling tools so I would go to sleep at night with braids or pencil crayons tied into my ponytail to see if I could wake up with beautiful curls. Sometimes it worked, other times I woke up looking a mess.

Fast forward twenty odd years, and I’m still the same self-conscious, slightly chubby girl I once was, just with a better set of curling irons and makeup brushes. I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in my own skin and all I hope is that through my YouTube videos and my blog is to help girls like myself who went through that phase and just need help finding yourself.

In the real world, I graduated from university studying statistics and actuarial science but realized as I was taking the SOA exams that this profession made me miserable. So now, my new big girl job is working as a brand associate for a digital media company.

I enjoy sour patch kids, travelling, Xiah Junsu’s voice plus his peach butt, and every single episode of Friends. I’m sure you’ll get to know me as I become more active in the blogosphere but other than that, let’s be internet friends, okie?

❤ ❤ ❤