I saw a picture of Dua Lipa a few months ago but I got her confused with Emily Ratajkowski. It wasn’t until Jennie (of Black Pink) mentioned her in a V Live video that I actually discovered her music. And I have fallen hard. Everything about her musical style, video direction and overall aesthetic is beyond amazing and feels so fresh. Her makeup and hair are of course always looking great, so I thought I would share with you guys my interpretation of it. 


I’m honestly always running late. I may show up to everything on time, but that’s only because I have learned to hustle hard in the mornings. I take tremendous pride in my ability to sleep in late and get ready in under 10 minutes, and I thought I would share a few of my tricks with you guys for those of you getting ready to go back to school and those of you who are just lazy. 


I posted a photo on Instagram a few months ago with my wearing this hairstyle and I received a ton of really kind comments so I figured I would make a tutorial for it. I actually filmed this a few weeks ago (before the cut and bleach sessions) but I really wanted to share this with you guys so I figured I would upload it anyways 🙂 hope the hair colour changes doesn’t throw you guys off too much. 


So it’s summer time and every year I fight the urge to chop all of my hair off and to go blonde. Except this year, I lost. IDK if it was the videos I watched featuring Chrissy Teigen (ummm summer hair goals!) or if Guy Tang’s talent made me a little too overconfident, but I suddenly wanted to bleach my hair myself.


So two Wednesdays ago (because I take forever to edit photos), I was invited out to Fairmont Royal York to enjoy some afternoon tea in honour of the Queen’s public birthday. Because when you’re the Queen you can apparently have two birthdays, sleep in the biggest room in the royal suite and have the toilet changed every time you visit. #maybenextlifetime. 

I really took my sweet ass time with this post… No excuses here. But, in my defense, I would just like to point out how awesome pants my blog looks atm. I haven’t been this happy with my blog layout and setup in the longest time, and I remain falsely hopeful that this will be the catalyst to make me the most regular blogger in the history of the universe. Anywhoo, Europe trip posts continue…